About Your Paper Insider


Ty is somewhat of a legend in the paper industry, with a reputation for finding unique and unusual papers. For decades, companies throughout the world have sought him out to not only identify upcoming trends, but they’ve commissioned him to develop altogether new papers with colors and finishes never before imagined. He has built a well-known paper development and distribution group around that special talent. Ty supplies quality paper to some of the most prominent companies you can think of.

Ty has unprecedented access to private paper vaults that house speciality runs, custom productions, overstocks, and the occasional discontinued gems.

For Your Paper Insider, Ty personally selects an assortment of quality papers and offers them as an attractively boxed set to lucky subscribers on a very exclusive basis.

Ty’s favorite discoveries are available right to your door each and every season.
Each collection is a secret and Ty’s not telling!

For any paper lover who also loves a real value!